Dundee’s Comic Book Legacy

September 11, 2015 in General


The Beano. Dandy. Dennis the Menace. Desperate Dan. The Bash Street Kids.

All of the above and more will be up for discussion at Dundee University on 16th September when four speakers will highlight the importance of comics to Dundee’s heritage and identity.

‘Comics & The City’ takes place at Baxter Room 1.36, Tower Building, Dundee University on 16th September at 5.30pm. Admission is free.

Talking of legacy, it’s only right to mention that the PCO’s very own Steve Bright – aka Brighty – began his illustrious career at the Dundee comic book powerhouse, DC Thomson. (That okay, Steve?)

Thanks to Matthew Buck for the lead on this one. More information can be found here.


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  1. Yes, seems like another world away, but 38 years ago I walked into the Courier Building in Dundee as a fresh-faced 18-year-old, thinking I was about to embark on a “career in journalism” (so the job ad said), only to find I was the new office junior on The Beano. Within a week, I was writing Billy Whizz. I’d only stopped reading his exploits a couple of weeks before!

    It’s been comic capers ever since. If anyone’s near Dundee today, this should be well worth dropping in on.

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