Dutch success for cartoonists

February 4, 2013 in Events, News


Pete Dredge birdbox cartoon

© Pete Dredge @

The members Pete Dredge and Graham Fowell have been singled out in the “Special Mention” category at the 18th Dutch Cartoon Festival. The theme of the exhibition was “Prejudices and Stereotypes”.

Pete told us: “I hadn’t entered one of these competitions for many years, probably over 30, so after the promptings of our Feco [Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations] officer, The Surreal McCoy, I thought, ‘Why not give it a go?’ Just missed out on the prize money, but delighted to make the Special Mention stage.”

Graham Fowell shepherds cartoon

© Graham Fowell @

Graham added: “It is a lovely event – I have been a regular attendee for the past few years. The festival is now permanently held in Bergen op Zoom, a lovely little town in the south of Holland with a beautiful medieval town square.”

The full list of winners can be seen here. We send our congratulations to Pete, Graham and all the winning cartoonists.

6 responses to Dutch success for cartoonists

  1. Well done indeed chaps ! Pete’s gag, especially, falls into that, “Why didn’t I think of that ?” category. Very effective and funny.

  2. Thanks Bill. Slightly modified, but this gag didn’t find favour with the usual UK outlets, so Dutch Caps off to the FECO voting panel.

  3. Brill! Shame you couldn’t flog that here, Pete. Try drawing a round bird looking quizzically at a bird box with a square hole – might have luck with that!

  4. It’s a case of Tu-hits from Amsterdam. (ouch)


  5. They’re great – in totally different ways! 

  6. Sorry to learn Pete won’t be able to make the Festival, but If one needed a valid excuse, your Honeymoon would be in the top ten.  Jill and I have attended many Dutch Cartoon Festivals, simply because they are such wonderful events; really well organised, attendees and guests from all over the world, set in brilliant Dutch locations.  Bergen op Zoom is an absolutely charming little town and we are really looking forward to going back this year.  I would heartily recommend it to the PCO membership and I know Peter Nieuwendijk and the Dutch cartoon organisation, De Tulp, would welcome seeing a few more Brits at this event.  If you are interested in attending, you can email Peter direct, contact details as per the Dutch Cartoon Festival Exhibition literature – and if you need any travel/hotel/itinerary details, I would be happy to supply them.  Cheers – Graham

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