Eldon Dedini: A Life of Cartoons

March 2, 2016 in General


Eldon Dedini traversed the American cartooning spectrum from Disney to Playboy and all points in between (most notably the New Yorker).

This 2006 documentary details that journey as family, friends, colleagues and the man himself talk about his life and work.


As you’d expect, Dedini’s Playboy work centred around adult themes so this film is probably not one for the priggish. Often lurid and ribald, and occasionally reflecting the sexist attitudes of the times in which they were drawn, the Playboy cartoons are, however, without doubt, the work of a man who is the master of his medium: beautifully rendered full page, full colour artworks that are invariably funny. And Dedini’s New Yorker cartoons, his craftsmanship undiminished by the smaller sizes or lack of colour, show him to be one of America’s great cartoonists.

This forty four minute film can be viewed at the Top Documentary Films site.

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  1. Tremendous output showing yet again the unique ability of cartoons to say it all in one picture.

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