Enter The Pangolin

October 22, 2012 in Events, General, News

The Pangolin @ Procartoonists.org

© The Pangolin @ Procartoonists.org

We are regularly pleased to see cartoonists moving from a print focus to a mixture of print and pixel, and there’s a new publication on this track we should note.

Long-time readers here will recall the Procartoonists print magazine – The FoghornCathy Simpson, one of the producers behind it, has jumped into the blogosphere with the launch of The Pangolin.

We say keep an eye on it, not least because one of our regular writers, and previous Foghorn editor, Bill Stott will be writing large lumps of it. We hurry to add: he’ll still be writing for us too.

Cathy Simpson and Bill Stott

Cathy Simpson and Bill Stott

9 responses to Enter The Pangolin

  1. Excellent stuff, Cathy and Bill!

  2. Many thanks Andrew. Its very much a labour of love. We wanted to focus on silly stuff;piss-takes, and things which make many cartoonists tick slightly out of time with adult responsible souls who always wash the car on Sundays.

    Send us some stuff !

  3. Silly, stupid, ridiculous. I love it!

  4. And I hope both you and young Mr Birch will be sending us some gags in the future, Huw!

  5. The Pangolin snuffles out of the gentle mists of Foghorn. And a most welcome sighting it is too.

  6. I’ve just taken another look at that blog, and it’s full of weird-looking people.  And a weird-looking pangolin.

  7. You can’t keep a good Pangolin down… not those they serve at our local Patagonian Restaurant, anyway…

  8. Ha! Very entertaining indeed! And I enjoyed Noel’s feedback too.

  9. Noel’s feedback has long been of concern for his G.P.

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