Event: We are not dead, we are in Herne Bay

Marcel Duchamp artist and cartoonist @ procartoonists.org

Whether or not you believe in art or artists, the man who coined the quote is responsible for this weekend’s cartoon activities at what is sure to be a sunny Herne Bay in Kent.

Pack your fur coat and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Duchamp event programme or enjoy this homage to one of his more famous works — Fountain.

Homage to Marcel Duchamp's Fountain @ Procartoonists.org

Cartoonists attendees, both ladies and gentlemen, the latter with zips suitably adjusted will be appearing on Saturday.

Thanks are passed to Ralph Steadman, who donated the pissoir, above, and Hunt Emerson who made the poster below.

Duchampions_Poster_at_Herne_Bay_at_Procartoonists.org © Hunt Emerson
© Hunt Emerson @ procartoonists.org

There are opportunities to purchase cartoon originals  throughout the day and to follow the pub philosophy cartoon trail through the pubs of the town courtesy of event sponsors Shepherd Neame.

And don’t forget the competition to win a Steadman print in which you can compete if you use Twitter. All you have to do is Tweet using the hashtag #DuchampHB.

Ralph Steadman competition at Duchamp Herne Bay @ procartoonists.org
Ralph Steadman competition at Duchamp Herne Bay @ procartoonists.org
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