Festival set to be fast and funny

March 14, 2014 in Events, General

Music cartoon by Jonesy

Music cartoon © Jonesy @

It’s likely that the participants at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival will look a little like the guy on the left at the end of this year’s Cartoonists Live day (26 April).

This year the usual two days’ worth of live-drawing events are packed into that one day. The hours have been extended as a result (now 10am-5pm). The organisers promise there will be lots for the public to see and do.

The  cartoon above is by member Jonesy and was submitted for this years music-themed exhibition With a Song in My Art.

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  1. AND, it’ll be excruciating too. I’ve heard Noel’s Melodrawma [the big comic strip thing] sound effects. I don’t know if some were personally produced, but all of them will drive dogs mad and curdle milk.

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