Foghorn goes forth once more

May 3, 2012 in Comment, General

Foghorn Cartoon @ © Andy Davey

© Andy Davey

Regular readers might recall our previous life as the Bloghorn, the digital relative of the old-time printed magazine Foghorn. This legendary creature is a sage about the cartoon artform that our members exhibit, so we are pleased to welcome his weekly strip to the blog.

4 responses to Foghorn goes forth once more

  1. Absolutely excellent ! Let’s get it out there ! *Sean O’ Meany eat your heart out. Look what you’re missing.Let’s hope this method of delivery can do what olde tyme Fog couldn’t.

    *Actually he wouldn’t know what he’s missing because I think he’s a bit of a chump.


  2. A classic – very nice indeed.

  3. …and beautifully drawn, too.

  4. Hurrah for that Davey chap!

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