Forbidden Planet to sell small press comics

Foghorn Bloghorn for The UK Professional Cartoonists’ OrganisationUK comic retail chain Forbidden Planet has announced the start of sale for small press comics and self-published works in three stores around the country.

The first outlets, Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, World’s Apart in Liverpool and Forbidden Planet in Manchester, are to have special racks to house works by independent comic makers from the UK and overseas.

What’s more, they’re offering the service for free on a sale or return basis, and will take no commission. In combination with small-run and self-publishing services such as Lulu, Bloghorn thinks this represents an excellent way for independent cartoonists to get their work in front of prospective buyers without having to go through large third-party publishers and distributors.

There are more details for small press comic producers at the Forbidden Planet International blog.

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