France-Cartoons cast an eye over #EatenFish campaign

© Alf

Numéro 2, the second edition of the impressive France-Cartoons webmag is online and available for viewing. (Please see link below.)

France-Cartoons is the organisation set up in place of the one connected with FECO, and it’s good to see our new friends giving pride of place and the lead story to the Eaten Fish campaign.

It’s a good write-up and, quite correctly, all about Eaten Fish and the plight of those stuck on Manus Island.

© Glenn Marshall

© The Surreal McCoy

The only addition to an otherwise excellent piece (and we admit to being biased here!) might have been a credit to PCO committee members Glenn Marshall and The Surreal McCoy. Both put vast amounts of work into the campaign: having the idea, creating the shoal – with constant updates to the artwork – and forever spreading awareness on Twitter and Facebook. They even demonstrated outside the Australian embassy!


That small caveat aside (!), you can view the excellent France-Cartoons webmag by copying and pasting this link into your browser’s address bar:

With thanks to Rupert Besley



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