Funny goings on with Weird Fish…


The winning design © Tim Harries

Instigated by our friend from the CCGB, Rich Skipworth, and casual clothing manufacturer Weird Fish, a competition has just taken place to design a T-shirt for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and we’re delighted to say that two PCO members made it onto the victors’ podium.

PURPLE CRANE  Brighty post

Prince, as you’ve never seen him before © Steve Bright

Tim Harries hooked the number one spot with his wonderful ‘Raiders of the Lost Lark’ design and Steve Bright was joint runner-up with his remarkable avian Prince image ‘Purple Crane’.

Tim’s prize isn’t to be sniffed at either: he becomes a regular player in the Weird Fish cartoonist team, and nets a cool £250 worth of clobber into the bargain. Steve landed a Weird Fish clothing voucher for his efforts too so, all in all, a good catch for the PCO duo.


One of Tim’s alternative efforts © Tim Harries

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