Glenn Marshall takes his seat on the PCO committee


Glenn swots up for his first committee meeting

Seeing as cabinet shuffles are all the rage, the PCO has undertaken one of its own. We’re happy to report, however, that our manoeuvres were not politically motivated – and no knives were plunged into backs – as Simon Elinas stepped down voluntarily, his tour of duty complete. He leaves with the thanks and best wishes of his fellow committee members.

Into the breach steps the winner of The Most Colourful Man Ever to Appear in Monochrome Attire award, Mr. Glenn Marshall.


A noted introvert, Glenn prefers to blend into the background at social events

Raised in Shropshire and trained at Shrewsbury & Newport Schools of Art (he missed the week they taught how to draw noses), Glenn is now based in London. As well as being a seriously gifted cartoonist he has a wealth of broadcasting experience. He has also been known to turn his hand to animation from time to time.

Glenn says he hopes to bring fresh ideas, Fig Newtons and terrifying self portraits to the committee table.


‘A Study in Calm’ – Self Portrait © Glenn Marshall

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