Go ahead punk… CLiNT hits the stands

August 11, 2010 in General, News

A new British adult comic, CLiNT, launches on the 2nd September. Featuring writers including TV’s Jonathan Ross and contraversial comedian Frankie Boyle, the magazine is a collaboration between Kick Ass artist Mark Millar and Titan Publishing. The comic, that Millar describes as “The Eagle for the 21st Century,” is aimed at men aged 16-30. You can find out more information about CLiNT via twitter.com/clintmag or Facebook.

In case you’re wondering why the magazine is titled CLiNT, Bloghorn suspects it has more to do with a piece of US comic folklore than a certain Mr Eastwood.

CLiNT number 1 is on sale 2nd September in the UK from all good retailers and specialist comic stores.

2 responses to Go ahead punk… CLiNT hits the stands

  1. I notice that Clint’s big brother Kick Ass bears the tempter “sickening violence,just the way you like it” on one of its covers. Oh goody. As for “CLiNT”, I strongly suspect that this comes from the same subtle thinking as FCUK, a T shirt legend often seen on the chests of young males driving pip – squeak Vauxhall Corsas with drainpipe exhausts. The artwork’s good though.

  2. Don’t criticise it, Bill – Jonathan will sue you.

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