Good and bad news at the Games

Ralph Steadman Olympics cartoon
© Ralph Steadman for the New Statesman @

The Olympics has presented a problem for hard-bitten, cynical cartoonists, because it has turned out to be something of a Good News Story.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the very latest Olympics cartoons – as well as presenting the Personal Bests exhibition from the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival – and present a round-up here. Be warned though, some of this is very much #NSFW. Or, to use the old parlance, a bit rude in places.

So while the cartoons in the run-up to the Games were a touch cynical …

Mac Olympics cartoon
© Mac for the Daily Mail @
Mike Turner Olympics cartoon
© Mike Turner for Private Eye @
Andrew Birch Olympics cartoon
© Andrew Birch for Private Eye @

And, er, very cynical … [Is this is the #NSFW bit? – Ed]

Martin Rowson Olympics cartoon
© Martin Rowson for the Morning Star @

… as the Games got under way, they became a bit more positive.

Christian Adams Olympics cartoon
© Christian Adams for The Telegraph @
Matt Olympics cartoon
© Matt for The Telegraph @
Matt Buck Hack Olympics cartoon
© Hack (Matt Buck) for MSN @

Most of the cartoons seen here are by members. Don’t forget to check out the portfolios.

Steve Bell Olympics cartoon
© Steve Bell for The Guardian @
Pete Dredge Olympics cartoon
© Pete Dredge @
The Surreal McCoy Olympics cartoon
© The Surreal McCoy for The Spectator @
Alexander Matthews Olympics cartoon
© Alexander Matthews for The Spectator @
Cathy Simpson Olympics cartoon
© Cathy Simpson @
Peter Schrank Olympics cartoon
© Peter Schrank for The Independent @

And while we are considering post-event reaction and interviews …

Dish Olympics cartoon
© Neil Dishington for The Spectator @
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