© Hannah Berry

“Her first graphic novel BRITTEN & BRULIGHTLY, begun while studying illustration at the University of Brighton, was published by Jonathan Cape in 2008. It has subsequently been published in the USA, Italy, Holland, France and Serbia, with the French edition chosen for the official selection of the 2010 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Her second graphic novel ADAMTINE was published in 2012, also by Cape, and she has just finished a third, LIVESTOCK, due out in May 2017. She currently does a weekly cartoon strip for the New Statesman – ‘Vox Pop’ – about humans and how funny they are.”

Reading the excerpt above from her website profile would lead you to believe that Hannah Berry has the world at her feet. In truth, she feels the gnarled fingers of economic reality clutching at her throat.

© Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry is a writer, illustrator, podcaster and, to quote again from her profile, “an editorial gun-for-hire”. However, creating graphic novels is her true love. In this article (please see link below) she outlines the reasons why the aforementioned ‘LIVESTOCK’ is more than likely her last. This is, however, by no means the saddest part of this painfully personal account…

Read Hannah Berry in Ink issue #10

Hannah Berry’s ‘LIVESTOCK’, published by Jonathan Cape is available in paperback and kindle

With thanks to Terry Anderson


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