Hastings: The Film

November 13, 2016 in General


Meanwhile back in Hastings, here’s a lovely little video from Robert Rousso.

Robert casts his acutely observant Gallic eye over proceedings; showing, amongst other things, how popular cartooning and caricaturing are with the British public.

In contrast, with a few notably successful exceptions, UK publishers (or their accountants) appear to be at odds with their ever dwindling readership, dropping cartoons from their newspapers and magazines at a time when laughter would be a welcome antidote to much that is happening in the world.


Robert Rousso, award winning French cartoonist

This video, with its gentle humour, shows how our friends across la Manche view our nation (affectionately) and our cartoonists (respectfully).

Here’s hoping that UK publishers see the light and follow suit…

You can view Robert’s video here.


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  1. And where was The Big Draw ? This was a really enjoyable festival. Loads of live cartooning and caricaturing in a town which knows about Art. Publishers ? Don’t make me laugh.Thanks for the video, Robert.

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