Heritage exhibition: Just like that!

October 31, 2012 in Events, General, News

Tommy Cooper by John Roberts

Tommy Cooper © John Roberts

An exhibition of cartoons and caricatures by members Bill Stott, Noel Ford, Roger Penwill and John Roberts is being held at the Heritage Centre in Knutsford, Cheshire, from 6 November until 22 December.

The Cartoon Collective show is very loosely based on the theme of “heritage” and will include a collection of cartoons on imaginary old motorcycles by Roger and a series of caricatures of British comedians by John, such as Charlie Chaplin and Tommy Cooper, right.

Noel is selling some of his Punch original cartoons while displaying a couple of original full-colour Punch covers and the first two gags he sold to the magazine.

A preview evening will be held on 6 November, at which John will be drawing some live caricatures and Bill will be doing a “stand-up cartoonist” routine. For details, visit, email or call 01565-652 854.

3 responses to Heritage exhibition: Just like that!

  1. Hope it does well guys –  PV sounds wonderful!

    Unfortunately I doubt I’ll be able to make it – though I will be in Brummagem for the weekend of 24th November and if I have the energy I’ll see if I can make that extra leg of journey to see the show itself.

    May you have nothing to take away at the end of the exhibition!

  2. Many thanks for that Cathy and good luck in Brummagem!

  3. Just a Knutsford footnote – the PV went v well. A nice full room, good atmosphere. The lessons learned are old ones though. The Heritage Centre’s run entirely by volunteers who proved very welcoming and keen but didn’t have a clue about pre – show publicity – or in fact that Private Views are a good idea. But never mind – it looks good.

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