How to not get into The New Yorker

September 7, 2011 in Comment

Cartoon by James Sturm
Cartoon © James Sturm

If you don’t follow the Bloghorn on Twitter (you should: @bloghorn) you may have missed this article that we highlighted recently.

James Sturm, an artist better known for graphic novels, decided to try his hand at gag cartooning for the most competitive, exclusive market there is. He writes about his exploits for Slate magazine here: How hard is it to get a cartoon into The New Yorker?

He tells of how he enjoyed the freedom of gag cartooning, how his meeting went with the magazine’s cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, and how he ultimately didn’t get into The New Yorker. But he did have lunch with lots of cartoonists, so it’s not all bad news.

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  1. For anyone interested in gag cartooning this article was illuminating. It’s enough to put anyone off submitting to the NY…but these established guys had to go through the mill too. Our (UK) equivalent, the late, lamented PUNCH, was much more open to new talent and, dare I say it, ran funnier cartoons.

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