How ya doin’?

January 25, 2014 in Comment, General, News

Jesus and Mo - How ya doin'?


Hey. How ya doin’? can be offensive. Find out how and why might this might be so.

Readers will be unsurprised that we have been around such subjects before and won’t be surprised that the matter is also conflated with the local politics of the UK.

If you wish to offer a view please do, in the comments below.

Updated 29th Jan 2014: An interview on the issue conducted by Channel 4 News.

2 responses to How ya doin’?

  1. Nitwits make death threats against ex-footballers, present footballers, football managers, referees and linespersons, scaffolders, chicken sexers and unemployed string salesmen. They are intensely tedious people who make threats because they CAN and not because they have due cause. Social media attracts them because they think it invests them with importance. Before social media, they probably wrote their names in bus shelters. Or if they couldn’t write, drew kiwis.

  2. Kiwis, eh? Is that what they were? I could never tell. 

    Sadly though, I feel that the no doubt good intentions of this strip are misplaced. It’s not about offending God (as if we could), nor even the fanatics. Once again, a blunderbuss is being used to do a scalpel’s work, and the collateral damage is not only not worth it, but rather shameful and self-indulgent. 

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