Welcome to ProCartoonists.org

Welcome to Procartoonists.org, home to the UK’s finest professional cartoonists.

If you are looking to commission cartoons, you will find in our portfolio sections a huge variety of styles to suit your requirements and pocket.

Humour is the key ingredient that sets cartoonists apart from illustrators. Our cartoonists combine drawing skills with incisive writing, from gentle whimsy to rapier-like satire. You can tap into that to help deliver your message.

Who we are

Procartoonists.org is the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation. This was formed in 2006 from the amalgamation of the Cartoonists’ Guild and the UK branch of the Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations.

British cartoon art has a great history and boasts an impressive pool of talent that deserves a higher media presence. Our aim is to make sure it gets this by promoting our members’ work, via our portfolio pages, and by promoting cartooning news using our blog and other social-networking sites.

With rapidly evolving new-media formats, artists’ rights are under threat, so Procartoonists.org has joined forces with other creative media professionals in the Creators Rights Alliance and Pro-Action.

We also play a major part in the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival and the recently created festival of cartooning in Herne Bay, the UK’s premier annual cartooning events. We contribute to the cartooning elements of The Big Draw, run by The Campaign for Drawing.

Procartoonists.org is affiliated with the Association of Illustrators, enabling our members to join the AOI at their discounted ‘Affiliated Illustrator’ rate.