Applying for membership

All initial enquiries should be made to the Membership Secretary at strives to represent the best of British cartooning talent. With this in mind, membership is restricted to full-time cartoonists based in the UK.

When applying, please submit a brief cartooning CV and attach a link to your website. If you don’t have a website, please submit examples of your work (five to ten low-resolution jpegs).

All applications are voted on by the committee. If your application is successful then information regarding uploading your cartoons and details to will be sent to you, along with a request for you to pay your annual subscription fee, which is currently £80 per year.

Here are the benefits of becoming a member

  1. High internet-visibility for a selection of your artwork via the portfolio pages on, which is a content-rich website that includes a regularly updated blog. Your listing can include links to your personal site.
  2. Access to the members’ website forums, for help, advice and leads from fellow professional cartoonists.
  3. newsletters
  4. We are also affiliated with the Association of Illustrators, enabling our members to join the AOI at their discounted ‘Affiliated Illustrator’ rate.

Applicants may find the following guidelines useful:

  1. Your work should contain a strong humour element, whether gag cartoon, caricature, comic illustration etc.
  2. Illustration that simply uses a “cartoon style”, will not necessarily qualify. The definition of full-time cartoonist is one who earns a significant proportion of his or her income from sales of cartoon work.