Libby Purves is a writer and broadcaster par excellence. She stands out as one of the few journalists of national stature who actually bangs the drum for cartoons. As a young reporter she enjoyed the company of cartoonists and her continuing enthusiasm for the art form makes her an ideal patron for She is also a patron of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.



Andrew Marr is a respected authority on the media in all its forms. Winner of several Baftas for his TV work, he has also written for The Economist and The Observer and edited The Independent. A lover of cartoons, he lists drawing and painting among his hobbies.


Bill Tidy is the cartoonist’s cartoonist and, coincidentally, the favourite of several million non-cartoonists. Bill’s work has been and is an inspiration. His drawing and joke-making, huge productivity and sheer experience make him the perfect patron for



Martin Wainwright is a journalist and broadcaster. His media career began with a cartoon strip in a student magazine but he has flourished instead in journalism and was Northern Editor of The Guardian until his recent retirement. A glance at the book list of this patron reveals that he has also championed hill walkers, country diarists, Morris Minors, April fools and the North. We’re in good company.

Gilliam caric FINAL

Terry Gilliam has a warehouse full of T-shirts. You name it – he’s done it. Films (my favourite’s Brazil), television (an obscure thing called Monty Python) And, he’s a cartoonist to boot! He knows what we’re about.He knows that the Art Establishment thinks that no matter how well a cartoon is produced, if it makes you laugh, it’s not Art.

He said, years ago at a time of social strife in his native US, “I’m a better cartoonist than I am a bomb-maker. That’s why so much of the US is still standing.” He’s never squatted on a fence in his life.


Sandi Toksvig OBE. What’s Quite Interesting about our new Patron is the range and diversity of her career. Name it, she’s done it. Her time as the much-loved Chair of The News Quiz came to an in 2015 to give her time to help set up The Womens’ Equality Party. Now that would make Prime Minister’s Questions REALLY Interesting. Welcome Sandi!