“It doesn’t show signs of stopping” – UK snow cartoons

January 24, 2013 in General, News

Sloppy the snowman by The Surreal McCoy

© The Surreal McCoy @ Procartoonists.org

The snow may have been melting in some places but with some more forecast at the time of posting, we offer a selection of wintery cartoons from Procartoonists.org members. See if you can spot the Snowman riff.

Big-Issue-HMV2-snow-cartoon © Andrew Birch @ procartoonists.org

© Andrew Birch @ procartoonists.org

So much for a trip out to an art show.

Lichtenstein exhibition cartoon by Neil Dishington

© Neil Dishington @ Procartoonists.org

Antony Gormley snowmen cartoon by Royston

© Royston Robertson @ Procartoonists.org

Water on Mars © Rob Murray @ procartoonists.org

© Rob Murray @ procartoonists.org

525-careful-thats-hot © Huw Aaron @ procartoonists.org

© Huw Aaron @ procartoonists.org

Another hardy annual is the theme about transport.

12-01-20-heathrow-snow-72 © Steve bright @ procartoonists.org

© Steve Bright @ procartoonists.org

Snow in the UK cartoon © Matthew Buck hack Cartoons @ procartoonists.org

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons @ procartoonists.org

If you have seen a good wintery cartoon please let us, er, snow about it in the comments.

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  1. Lovely gags. I laughed at all new member Phillip’s Gormley gags and now there’s a Robertson Gormley too.

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