January Monday Prize Competition No1.

It is January and the winter blues need chasing away, so cheer yourself with our winter quiz.

Mark_Bryant_WW2_in_cartoons @ http://www.thebloghorn.org for the UK Professional Cartoonists Organisation
Mark Bryant WW2 in cartoons

If you can answer the three questions to come today and over the next two Mondays, you’ll go into a prize draw for a copy of Mark Bryant’s excellent book – World War 2 in cartoons.

Simple as that.

Contestants enter the draw by answering the questions by email to the editor after the last question is posted on 24th Jan. The draw will be conducted in an old paint pot at one of Bloghorn’s many residences and the editor’s decision is final. A winner by the end of the Month.

And here’s question one

In the Second World War poster campaign created by the Punch cartoonist Kenneth Bird, aka Fougasse, what was said to cost lives?

Question two next Monday.

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