Japanese Nuclear Boy

March 18, 2011 in News

Artist Kazuhiko Hachiya has made an animated short to help explain the ongoing nuclear crisis to Japanese children. The clip’s title character, Nuclear Boy, plays the role of the ill child representing Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Reaction to the colorful clip has been mixed, with some folks calling it distasteful and others arguing it makes the situation more comprehensible for worried young children. Please comment below if you would like, Bloghorn does moderate comments if needed.

3 responses to Japanese Nuclear Boy

  1. Yerrss! Decidedly mixed emotions on this one. Radiation and plutonium here is fart and poo, and radiation sickness for the ‘doctors’ is just ‘feeling a bit tired’. Easy to understand for Japanese children maybe, but I wonder if they’ll really get that choice phrase ‘negatively impacted’? Me: impressed in a reverse capacity.

  2. Indeed, Nathan, it’s an analogy that doesn’t really work, as kids know that poo has to come out. You can’t hold it in for ever! The video reminded me of that film the teachers show to the schoolkids in the Simpsons, “Nuclear power, our misunderstood friend …”

  3. There’s something very disturbing about that video!!!

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