Jules Feiffer – tribute to a polymath

February 12, 2016 in General


Drawing by the time he was three, Jules Feiffer has gone on to enjoy a multi-faceted career as a cartoonist, playwright, novelist, historian, screenwriter, political commentator and illustrator, picking up an Oscar and a Pulitzer along the way.




The great man recently celebrated his 87th birthday but continues to write, draw and attend conventions; a wonderfully creative and inspirational human being.

Patrick A. Reed pens an excellent tribute to the multi-talented New Yorker on the Comics Alliance website.

Thanks to Glenn Marshall.

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  1. Despite being a clever dick, this guy (Feiffer) is one of my favourites, clever twitchy line with smart ass commentary. I love the “I’m not ready” drawing, describing the comic anguish of being obliged to accept life changes whilst totally unprepared.

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