Keep Calm and Carry on Drawing

PCOer Royston Robertson writes:

The World War Two propaganda poster Keep Calm and Carry On is proving to be a big hit in recession-hit Britain, so I came up with a version for cartoonists. It’s not hard to see why people love the 1939 government poster, they’re embracing the “Blitz spirit”, and refusing to let the economic downturn get them down. Here’s the original image, below:

But, as a cartoonist friend said to me recently, “Your whole life’s a credit crunch when you’re a cartoonist!” Like many self-employed people, cartoonists do find it tough-going sometimes, recession or no recession. You may not be selling enough work, maybe not getting enough commissions … it can feel tough. But, all you can do is keep calm and carry on, as the poster says, and hope that something turns up. It usually does.

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