League of Extraordinary Silliness

November 5, 2012 in General, News

You may have noticed fewer updates on the blog over recent days. This is because the entire blog team decamped to the Midlands to celebrate the wedding of one of our own: Mr Alex Hughes.

The motley bunch of Procartoonists.org members above, pictured at Alex’s steampunk wedding (think The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) are Rob Murray, Huw Aaron, Matt Buck, Alex Hughes, Nathan Ariss, Royston Robertson, Tim Harries and Clive Goddard.

We send our hearty congratulations to Alex and Maria.

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  1. Good Lord, I’m glad I didn’t get the caricature gig – hate drawing facial hair. 

    Wonderful photograph. Ariss centre stage, natch. Extraordinary barely begins to cover it. No wonder Maria is nowhere to be seen. 
    Congratulations to you both, Alex – I just hope it’s legally binding. 
  2. A marvellous weekend! Congrats to the bride and groom

    More pics here


  3. Congratulations both ! And the same to the doughty band of celebrants above. There is an air of unhinged authority about the group with Rob and Clive apparently carrying what appear to be Colt .375 sporting pistols, Huw with a large coin stuck in his head, and Mr Buck minus a leg. But these things happen at weddings. Doesn’t Clive look like the wise old bargee ?

  4. Yes, I got legless at a wedding once. We’re divorced now.

    Still enjoying this picture. It looks like auditions for he next Dr Who.

  5. *the* next Dr ho.

  6. Curses!

  7. Congratulations indeed! From this vantage-point on the Isle of Wight the above photo looks all very normal – did you get to dress up at any point?

  8. Good Gad!(monocle falls into mug of tea)

  9. Yes I know Andrew. The sad remnants of a once – great aristocracy.

  10. Looking again…

    Colt .375s, are they? I’d thought they were both sporting the Golden Truss of Glossop.

  11. No, I think Royston’s wearing that, Rupert. 

  12. Gosh, I’ve just read the above comment, looked again at the photo and Laughed Out Loud and continue to…

  13. Well spotted Rupert. But I think you may have forgotten that the GT of Glossop was in fact melted down and sold some years ago to pay for the Pangolin Sanctuary’s upkeep. That too is now gone. However, afficionados, as the gents in the photo undoubtedly are, wear, on special occasions, a stuffed pangolin where the truss once was, hence Mr Buck’s odd stance. They can chafe something awful.

  14. Please don’t make me laugh like that when I’m gulping a cup of coffee: I’ve only just recovered – and wiped down shirt-front – from the earlier observation.

  15. A marvellous time was had by all – worth adding, in delayed response to Steve’s first comment here, that the ladies (and especially Maria) were as splendidly dressed as the gentlemen, if not more so…

  16. On reflection, I would rather had seen a photo of the ladies.

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