Les Gibbard, cartoonist – 1945 to 2010

October 14, 2010 in Events, News

Les Gibbard Cartoons at The Bloghorn for the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation

Les Gibbard cartoonist and animator 1945 - 2010

Some sad news that Leslie Gibbard, long-time cartoonist for The Guardian, the BBC and many more has died.

You can read about Les, his life and work at The University of Kent’s cartoon archive, at wikipedia or, in this anthology of his work.

Updated: Bear Alley blog has added a tribute here following The Guardian’s obituary.

5 responses to Les Gibbard, cartoonist – 1945 to 2010

  1. Too young…RIP

  2. Way too young. And capable of producing stunners like the Belgrano cartoon. Puts the loony Danes and blokes with beliefs into perspective.

  3. This is such sad news. Les was a warm and generous man and a great cartoonist. He was drawing editorial cartoons for The Guardian at the tender age of 23, and continued for over 20 years. He had an easy effortless talent. He’ll be sadly missed.

  4. We went to the same school in Auckland, NZ, and studied art together. I remember his cartoons decorating Auckland Grammar’s enormous school hall for the school ball – they were generous in size, and rather shambolic in style, reproductions of himself. A lovely guy, sadly missed. And like Sir David Low, an ex-pat Kiwi.

  5. Thanks for your comment Blair. He was a fine bloke and is missed.

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