London's Political Cartoon Gallery is in rude health

February 11, 2009 in Events, News

Bloghorn can report London’s Political Cartoon Gallery is not going to be closing, contrary to reports in the capital’s Metro newspaper.

According to the Metro, the cartoon gallery, which is the only display space in the world dedicated to the art of the editorial cartoon, is facing closure because of soaring rents and collapsing demand.

But, talking to Bloghorn, gallery owner Tim Benson said the Metro story was confused about a simple renegotiation of the business lease on the premises.

The gallery opened five years ago, and is currently hosting the exhibition Browned Off, featuring cartoons on Gordon Brown’s first 18 months as Prime Minister.


Cartoon courtesy of The Political Cartoon Gallery and Copyright of Peter Brookes of The Times.

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  1. Is Gordon Brown standing in Wolverhampton? That place has its own private weather system, clearly visible when yer driving down the M6.

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