Louder than a vuvuzela

August 14, 2010 in News

Cartoonists in South Africa have joined their colleagues in the media to launch a open petition to protect freedom of expression in their youthful democracy.

This effort is in response to the ANC government’s proposal to introduce new media laws and to start a national panel of scrutiny over journalists, who were recently described as ‘dangerous’ .

The issue around media regulation of words and pictures is particularly sensitive because South Africa is a country where overall levels of literacy are relatively low. In this context, brief communication in cartoons is an extremely powerful tool for messaging, education and explanation of  public debates.

Twenty nine South African cartoonists have signed the petition and they would welcome your support. You can review some recent ‘free press’ cartoons at their website too.

Bloghorn wishes them luck.

2 responses to Louder than a vuvuzela

  1. Thanks for the support comrades!

  2. Freedom of the Press is a red herring everywhere. In some countries the government controls what goes to print, while in others it’s the publications owners. All have their own agendas, but that is never the common good.

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