Managing the art of the unfunny cartoon

February 2, 2009 in General

The reader’s editor at The Guardian news organisation writes in response to critical correspondence about some of cartoonist Steve Bell’s editorial cartoons.

2 responses to Managing the art of the unfunny cartoon

  1. Unfunny cartoons an epiphany ? Makes you wonder how many cartoons the writer’s actually LOOKED at. As for the Disgusteds of Tunbridge Wells, Mrs Whitehouse has apparently not left the building.

  2. Hear hear. I really wish it were an epiphany for me to discover such ignorance of the range and “language” of cartoon art in the holder of such an exalted newspaper position (readers’ editor). But, sadly, it simply reminds me of the huge chasm between the literary and the graphic minds in newspapers – a medium which is dominated by the former. It seems that ambiguity – as Steve says, an integral part of political cartoon, and the reason why graphic images can escape litigation so readily where words would not – is lost on the journalistic mind. I guess that’s understandable – admirable even – in their own field, but is it not possible for these clever people to – er, extrapolate. Actually, I guess it’s not a simple graphic/literary chasm, it’s more a creative/documentary chasm. And that, sadly, seems unbridgeable.

    They are pictures. PICTURES. Not essays. To help the graphically challenged, perhaps every cartoon everywhere should be preceded in huge letters by the words “What if…?”

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