Memories of Punch magazine

October 2, 2008 in General

PCO cartoonist Pete Dredge writes:

What saddens me most about the demise of Punch, apart from the purely selfish loss of what was once a regular market for me, is that thousands of jokes which would have graced its pages on a weekly basis have never had the chance to be made by the amazingly talented bunch of cartoonists this nation possesses. They would have helped to cast a little light in these dark days. We all laughed at those “Prepare to meet thy doom” gags … erm, and we’d probably still laugh at them now.

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent

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  1. The problem with book is that it shows all teh same cartoons that have been published over and over again. The majority of cartoons in Punch are just so dreadfully dull. Avoid this book like the plague! Is fayed trying to claw back the millions he lost on the magazine?

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