Nathan Ariss ponders the ‘filler’ – plus the happy rookie mistake!


© Nathan Ariss

Nathan Ariss writes:

If I blogged, I guess this would be a nice enough subject to fill my social media day with, in full expectation of some ‘yeah, been there’ comments and other helpful feedback about the perils and delights of submitting cartoons to publications. There’s rules, of course:

1) Keep accurate, up-to-the-day records about where you have submitted cartoons to.
Thus ensuring 2) doesn’t happen…

2) Do not submitted a previously-rejected cartoon to the very same publication some months later!

Combine this ‘undersight’ with an inevitable last-minute ‘filler’ cartoon (the one you never think will tickle or probably ever get published) to make up a nice ‘Benedict’ (a number batch of 6 or 10 to submit is generally considered good form), and you have the lesser-spotted double-whimsy of today’s delight for me. They accepted it!

The cartoon was published in the September issue of Prospect magazine.

In other words, forget the bloody rules at times, and learn to love your mistakes.

You can see more of Nathan’s work here.

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