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May 20, 2010 in General, News

The Campaign for Drawing – the group behind such events as the Big Draw and the Battle of the Cartoonists – have launched a website to encourage the general public to get their pencils out called Draw and Fold Over. The site is an update of the Exquisite Corpse parlour game, where the player first draws a head, then folds the piece of paper over and passes it on to a friend to draw the torso and so forth until the finished picture is revealed. In keeping with the games humble origins, you can pick to draw with a variety of implements including ballpoint pen, marker or pencil, but for the internet generation you can also share your contributions with your friends by email, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, and watch the image be redrawn in front of your eyes.

3 responses to New drawing website folds

  1. I’ve been doing this sort of thing in cartoon workshops for years. It’s great to be able to do it with friends and students ‘live’ on the web. Very clever design.

  2. …i love it…!!!!

  3. Just watched our own Matt Buck, along with Posy Simmons and Stephen Appleby having a go at this at the British Museum. Along with a bit of shameless plugging for the PCO a most entertaining afternoon.

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