‘Not the RA Summer Exhibition’ Private View

June 12, 2016 in General


Standing room only – © Kasia Kowalska

Bill Stott, PCO Chairleg, writes:

7/6/16, Chris Beetles Gallery, Ryder St., thatLondon.

By gum it was ‘ot ! And by the time I and my travelling companion, Jenny, Sheila’s daughter, arrived at the gallery at about five after six, the temperature inside the gallery was such that dentures were melting and Chris and Alex’s free champagne was disappearing double quick. Little red spots were appearing on cartoons, too.


Bill Stott with New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein – © The Surreal McCoy


© Jonathan Cusick                           © Chris Madden                                   

It was really good to see so many PCO types there; most of the Committee, Kasia and kamera, Dr Davey – in excellent form – Ross Thompson and his lady, plus Mike Turner, Ken Pyne, Dave Brown, Herne Bay Roller Robertson and lots, lots more. What was even better was seeing PCO work displayed alongside and on the same footing as art which isn’t supposed to make you laugh.


Jen Kuehnle, Cathy Simpson, Bob Eckhart, Carol Isaacs & Bill Stott – © Kasia Kowalska

Anthony Green R.A. kicked the whole thing off by making many and various artistic observations including what its like to paint a nude pic of your mother-in-law (cue collapse of stout party).


Royston Robertson & Jeremy Banx indulge in a spot of star gazing – © The Surreal McCoy


Patrick Holden, Cartoon Museum trustee, enjoys the Heston Blumenthal hors d’oeuvres – © Mika Schick

ken pyne_mike turner

Two master cartoonists, Ken Pyne & Mike Turner, enjoying a chat – © Kasia Kowalska

Speechifying over, there was much meeting and greeting. I got the impression that the cartoon area remained the most full all evening.Then around 8.45 it was over the road-ish to a very narrow pub – so narrow in fact that the Scotch Eggs were oval. Jenny is an NHS psychiatrist and had her notes confiscated.


Bill & Royston spot a publisher – © Mika Schick

So, all in all, a successful evening, and Messrs Beetles were pleased too. This sort of show is something of a first, I think, and who knows, it may not be the last.


© Rupert Besley

More of the exhibits, all available for purchase, can be viewed here on the Chris Beetles Gallery website.

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  1. I submitted work just before the deadline but was told that there was no room for any more, so lesson learnt for next time. Congrats to Bill & co for making this happen.

  2. Yes, comments were made on the absence of Dredges. However, I have a feeling – mind you,its only a feeling, that this won’t be the last of its kind. Whether end – users of cartoons, the publishers, will take any notice, I haven’t a clue. The frustrating fact remains – the public like cartoons. Why don’t publishers ?

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