Only tools and performances

May 26, 2009 in Comment

The cover of The New Yorker magazine was drawn by Jorge Colombo’s finger which manipulated an iPhone application in the fashion shown above. Good on them and him.

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  1. Yes. Had to happen I suppose. Quite a nice little pic. Ironic that an electronically engendered image should then reach its audience via the printed media. I wonder how long it will be before that’s reversed and whilst everybody else is viewing New Yorker on a gadget, some lone artist discovers paper ?
    And [sticks neck out] the iPhone produced image is OK without being in any way innovative beyond its means of production. Technology imitating art. A bit of a dilemma. Like whether or not to buy Christmas cards produced by mouth painters – which I do because of the huge re- learning which has gone into their production, and not because their interpretations of the subject are in any way innovative.

  2. Surprised there aren’t more comments about this item from either side of the perceived technical divide.

  3. Ironic, also, that the final image looks so ‘traditional’ – it could have been done in pastels. It sort of reminds me of an interview Kraftwerk once gave in a music paper saying how strange it was that the film ‘Star Wars’ (yes, the interview was that old!) was given an orchestral score rather something synthesized more fitting its theme. I don’t think New Yorker is going to push the boat out on this technology lark – they’re a pretty conservative lot really despite the liberal leanings.

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