Palestinian cartoonists ‘exposed’ by website provocateurs


The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, an affiliate of the International Federation of Journalists, has accused a scurrilous website group of promoting the assault of journalists by posting the unfounded claim that 24 named Palestinians — including 15 journalists and bloggers — are supporters of terrorism.

Political cartoonists Osama Nazzal, Marwa Alhelo and Mohammad Saba’aneh (pictured) are among those named by the ‘European Institute Against Incitement’ website.

Under the names of the 24 Palestinians it has compiled, the European Institute Against Incitement does not list any purported offences — but it lists the name of their spouse, the number of children they have, where they live, their phone numbers and social media addresses, and the names of the members of their extended families.

You can read more about these spurious accusations  – and CRNI director Robert Russell’s condemnation and rebuttal – on the CRNI website.

Thanks to Terry Anderson.


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