PCO cartoonists’ Heath Robinson Museum fundraising endeavours prove surprisingly uncomplicated



© Chris Madden

Our members donated their cartoons for the museum to sell via the world renowned auction house, Sotheby’s.


And, as far as we know, no weird contraptions involving pulleys and levers were used in the raising of said funds. The only stipulation was that the cartoons had to follow the theme “If Heath Robinson was alive today” and, from the bleak to the fantastical, some of the interpretations are shown here.


© Ken Pyne

heath rob (lose this)139 copy

© Jonesy Cartoons

These words, taken from the Heath Robinson Museum website, best describe its purpose:

“The Heath Robinson Museum is for students of illustration, lovers of landscape paintings, advertising enthusiasts and academics, dads building contraptions in sheds, believers in fairies, children with time to dream, couples stuck in tiny flats, people who put holes in cheese, artificial teeth testers and anyone who’s ever held something together with a bit of string.”


© Rupert Besley


© Chris Madden


The Heath Robinson Museum

heath rob (brexit)135 copy

© Jonesy Cartoons


© Dave Walker

You can learn more about this wonderfully inventive artist and view original artwork with books, photographs, film and digital media, all now permanently housed in a venue befitting of such a talent, by visiting the museum in Pinner, Middlesex. The full address is:

Heath Robinson Museum
Pinner Memorial Park
50 West End Lane
Pinner HA5 1AE

The website can be viewed here.

The Heath Robinson Museum auction has been taken down from the Sotheby’s website but you can still pay a visit here to check the progress of that “must have” Ming vase…

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