PCO Procartoonists – A non-digital cartoonist reports

PCO member Bill Stott writes; The 74/26 German split in favour of digital art, written about by Andy Davey, is today’s glimpse of the obvious.

I’ll probably never use a computer to make cartoons – notwithstanding Wacom board and magic pens etc. I’m too old. The irritating language of computers makes me very tired. Boot up = Switch On. Groan. I won’t join their gang. I don’t have a Tesco clubcard either. I like there being nothing between me and the picture. I make the marks.

But that doesn’t make computers any more or less than a way of making pictures.That I don’t like digital perfection – and I really don’t – is irrelevant. A digitally produced cartoon is as valid as one produced using a sharpened vole on buckskin.

Verification of originality lies in a signature, always assuming that those artists completely reliant on computerised whizz-bangery can still write their own names.

(The editor says click S for Stott to see Bill’s resolutely non-digital, watercolour cartoons.)

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