Artist of the Month: Chris Madden

Chris Madden is the PCO Artist of the Month for November 2007.
Chris has been drawing cartoons and illustrations since around 1980, before which he worked for the scientific civil service on the development stage of the Thames Barrier. During the 1980s he worked extensively for the Guardian newspaper, as an in-house illustrator, cartoonist and graphic artist.
Now, freelance, his work includes greetings cards (one series of which won the trade’s award as best new card series in the year of their launch), newspaper and magazine cartoons, and illustrations and cartoons for educational and corporate clients. While his cartoons cover any issue that’s called for, his specialist subjects include: the environment (cartoons from his book, The Beast That Ate The Earth, are reproduced regularly by environmental organisations around the world); gardening (including a weekly cartoon in the Irish Sunday Independent newspaper); the sciences (including a monthly cartoon in the BBC’s Focus magazine); philosophy (regular cartoons and cover designs for Philosophy Now magazine); the art world (about which he’s currently producing a book of cartoons).
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British cartoon talent

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