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November 18, 2007 in General

Bloghorn has received some anonymous feedback to our activities at the recent Big Draw in Covent Garden. Thanks to the middle person concerned for passing it on. Bloghorn is most grateful.

Team PCO hard at work – from the left, Alex Hughes, Neil Dishington, Bill Stott(c) and Roger Penwill

The task the teams were given in the Battle of the cartoonists was to ’create the most sensational banner’ to a theme of High-Life, Low-life.

Select (publishable) and verbatim quotation from our anonymous correspondent follows;

The PCOs initially lacked the studies panache of Martin Rowson’s colouring and the sharp wit of Private Eye. Their drawings appeared in a vague and piecemeal way but there was much interaction between the evident team leader and his team, which definitely paid off. The skillful use of colour enhanced the drawings and gave the different styles of drawing a coherence, which added to the banner’s effectiveness. The layout and style was that of a comic which gave it integrity and a strong identity. I think this was the best!

Anonymous concludes;

A banner, by its very nature has a function as a standard or ensign denoting identity aand this is where the PCO and Private Eye romp ahead [of The Guardian and the Independent]. Their banners reflected the identities of their organisations very clearly. Of the two, the PCO banner had the greater visual coherence and presence. I would have marched under it and it should have won.

The finished PCO banner hung up, or out, to dry.

Thankyou, Mr or Mrs or Ms, anonymous.

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  1. Here follows a response from Team captain Bill Stott:

    Many thanks to the anonymous bloggist or bloggette who so eloquently flagged up the various artistically superior aspects of the PCO team’s Big Draw banner. Captaining the team was an honour of course, but fraught with the difficulties attending the genius level talents on side, further complicated by Dish and I being a bit deaf. But the added youthful drive of Alex and Roger Penwill’s executive aplomb won through in the end. Morally anyway.
    Had we attracted say, Terry Wogan to our team, drawing ability or not, when the cry went up from Andrew Marr for the loudest cheer, i.e., “And now, let’s hear it for Terry’s team !”, we’d’ve won on the day, too. No sour grapes here, I assure you. Anticipating next year’s contest, we have already approached Miss Kylie Minogue, the Australian chanteuse, known by insiders to wield a mean felt tip.Watch this space.

    Bill Stott
    Posted by Matt Buck 19th November 2007

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