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October 24, 2016 in General


© Glenn Marshall

The Phoenix Cinema Exhibition space is proud to present it’s November show “Cartoonists at the Cinema’.

Some of the country’s most prolific, well-known and finest cartoonists and humorous illustrators pay a visit to the flicks! Jumping off the pages of printed media and onto the walls of the Phoenix Cinema, they are taking some time away from their topical satire day jobs and enjoying a much deserved change of scenery.

Those involved include Banx, Kipper Williams, The Surreal McCoy, Royston, Lucy Maddison, Miles Cole, Noel Ford, Birch, Goddard, Stott, Jonesy, Besley, Murray, Ellinas, Brighty and various other surnames.

Their work regularly appears in Private Eye, The Spectator, New Statesman, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Economist, Prospect, The Oldie, Time Out and other esteemed publications. Several have also featured on Kermode & Mayo’s Cartoonists’ Corner. (Cartoons on the radio – what’s that all about?)

The exhibition is collated by cartoonist and Phoenix regular Glenn Marshall, aided by the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and runs from Thursday 3rd November 2016.


Phoenix Cinema is one of London’s last few truly independent cinemas, first opened in 1912 and continuously running ever since. Showing independent films and alternative content it is located 2 minutes walk from East Finchley underground station and is distinctive on East Finchley’s High Road by its large neon sign.

Visit the Phoenix Cinema website here.


9 responses to Phoenix Cinema/PCO Productions Proudly Present…

  1. Good encouraging stuff, Glenn.

  2. Can I come?

  3. Absolutely Erica…I’ll be attempting to live draw every frame from ‘Once upon a Time in America’…eh not!

  4. Great to see a cartoonist named “Elinas” involved!

  5. Amended, Simon, with apologies.

  6. Oooops, my fault, M  a  r  s  h  a  l

  7. When I was a kid I and my friends used to go to the local cinema on Saturday afternoons to watch Flash Gordon or Brick Bradford or somesuch. As the lights went down, two usherette ladies used to stride up and down the aisles with hand pump sprays – spraying us. I found out many years later that what they were spraying us with was a mild de-louser. You wouldn’t get that in yer average Multiplex.

  8. With no official ‘Private View’, as far as I know (Glenn certainly said as much to me the other night) why don’t we arrange a get together there before it closes?

  9. The exhibition is now screening, though I hope to add more cartoons early next week. We do plan on meeting up for drinks..though I can’t guarantee a red carpet.

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