Political Cartooning Made Easy

June 5, 2010 in General, News

Peter Brookes, political cartoonist for The Times, makes the art of political cartooning look easy. Watch a master at work in this short film. Absorb and weep, dear reader.

Bloghorn notes: As The Times have recently started charging to view its website, to view the above link you will have to register – prices are £2 for a weekly subscription or £1 for a day’s access. However, they are offering a free preview for a limited time – you can sign up here.

1 response to Political Cartooning Made Easy

  1. Sod that. If they are charging for content, I’ll just visit one of the other million news sites for free instead. Bad move Murdoch.

    Shame, as I would have liked to have seen the video. I know I can register for a limited time for free, but I can’t be bothered to be on yet another mailing list.

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