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Caricaturist, cartoonist and illustrator for QI, and press titles such as The Sunday Telegraph, The Sun, The Guardian Online, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, The Daily Mail, Penthouse, History Today, The Big Issue, TimeOut and the Times Educational Supplement. I also produce artwork – everything from Christmas card designs to advertising illustrations – for clients including Jongleurs, UBS, Anglia TV, and Talkback. I undertake private and corporate caricature commissions.
I have written and illustrated a book for the crowd-funded publisher Unbound. It’s called ‘The GIN LANE GAZETTE’, and it’s a compendium of true stories, scandal and oddities from the 18th century; a kind of Georgian ‘Heat’ magazine, if you like. See my pitch and video at
More recently, I have been responsible for the caricature design on forthcoming ITV show ‘Bigheads’. I have also been contributing illustrations to a very popular history series I co-created on YouTube called ‘Under The Knife’. Plus, I have begun a new history website called Flairdevils, which is all about swaggering idiots of yesteryear who maimed or shamed themselves in the cause of science.

You can follow me on Twitter. I’m @adeteal. On Instagram, I’m @TealCartoons. I have written about the 18th century for History Today, The Lancet and The Erotic Review.



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