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Andy Davey


Andy Davey was born in London. His dark years as a research chemist remain obscure, but after a rebirth in 1993, he emerged into the sunlit world of cartoons.
Since then he has had cartoons and caricatures published in various UK and European newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Sun, The Scotsman, Private Eye, Punch (in its death throes), The Spectator, Prospect, Squib, E! Sharp, and the New Statesman. He drew a weekly “profile” caricature for The Sunday Telegraph and has also worked on the satirical TV cartoon series 2DTV and covered political events for Channel 5 and Sky TV News.
Speciality areas are editorial/political cartoons, gags and caricatures. He also draws cartoon strips and cartoon illustrations.

He was forced, kicking and screaming, to hold the chairmanship of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation from 2006-2012 but managed to escape via a network of cartoon tunnels and vaulting horses.



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