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Clive Goddard


I was born in Berkshire at the very beginning of the swinging sixties. Unfortunately I managed to miss all the swinging by being at school and, of course, by being in Berkshire.

As soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon I decided I wanted to be a gag cartoonist. Personally, I blame the late, great Roland Fiddy whose cartoons I grew up with in the otherwise tediously educational ‘Look & Learn’ magazine. Blessed with generous parents, I was hurriedly furnished with a copy of ‘How to be a Cartoonist’ by Walter T Foster which I studied thoroughly despite it being about 40 years out of date.

At 19 I was hired by the Newbury newspaper to produce a strip which could be about any local issue so long as it wasn’t contentious, offensive or funny. A mere thirty years later I finally sold a cartoon to my first national publication, Private Eye. It was a joke about BSE; a dreadful livestock disease but an excellent source of humour.

Since then I have drawn for (among others) Private Eye, New Statesman and Prospect as well as for the likes of Playboy, Zoo and the Sun on Sunday, so I’m nothing if not diverse. I have been commissioned by the BBC, OUP, Paperlink, the Metropolitan Police, the RNLI, The NHS, Mars Confectionary and just about everyone in between. I’ve also illustrated a huge bunch of ‘Horrible’ books for Scholastic Children’s books and written four (award-winning!!) comedy adventure novels for kids.
I am now chairman/person of the UK’s Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation (PCO) which represents and supports the country’s finest cartoon artists. Happily married with approximately four children, numerous cats and a drawer full of Sharpies, some of which still work.

Happy to discuss commissions and live work (graphic recording) at conferences, events etc.

Clive Goddard
Oxford area.
WLTM commissioning editors / art eds /etc. (pref non-smoking) for mutual fun, larks & cash.




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