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Ingi Jensson


Ingi is an Icelandic expat who has worked as an illustrator/cartoonist/comics maker since 1999.
The first 7 years of his career were mainly directed at comics and cartoon making, while buffering his income with illustration work for children’s book- and educational publishers.
After 2007 the tables turned somewhat as he began focusing more on illustration work for educational publishers, both in Iceland and the Netherlands (where he lived prior to moving to the UK in 2008.)

A wide range of Ingi’s work became a steady featured in various Icelandic magazines and newspapers during the early 2000’s. His daily topical comic strips were a fixed feature in the newspaper DV ( from 2003-2005. After the financial crass of 2008 Ingi returned to the newspaper with classical political cartoons that ran from 2009-2010, when the value of the Icelandic Króna had plummeted too far for an expat trying to make a living in the UK.

Though drawing is Ingi’s reason for living, helping others to connect with their own creative spirit comes very close to being just as important to him. He honed his skills for teaching while running his own comic making school in Iceland from 2002-2004 and soon after his move to Teesside, in the NE of England, he started offering comic & cartoon making courses under the name TeesToons ( He quickly found out that the NE was hungry for fun workshops for all ages as the area from Newcastle to Middlesbrough soon became his stomping grounds > from local libraries to primary- & secondary schools and colleges. Ingi has also been invited to give lectures at Teesside University and when the BA Comics & Sequential Storytelling course was on the horizon, it became Ingi’s responsibility to do outreach workshops in local colleges and to supply illustrations for the Uni’s promotional material.

In the academic year 2016-2017, due to freelance fatigue, Ingi ventured into the academic minefield as a full-time lecturer in Concept Art at Teesside Uni´s School of Computing, Games & Animation Department. However, due to changes within the university (as can be seen in two cartoons in Ingi’s album) Ingi’s wife, and partner in crime (in the tutu), was forced to seek employment elsewhere, which eventually plonked the two floundering Europeans in the centre of the action in London.

Currently (Dec.2017) Ingi is finding his feet in London Town, pondering his next steps and plotting his next workshop moves in the big city.

Ingi updates his artist Facebook page regularly with information on his latest projects.

A collection of his Icelandic cartoons can be seen here:


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