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Mike Dicks

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Michael Mayor


Mike Dicks is an artist, author and satirist who lives in Hove where he produces a range of books, prints, cards and comics.

After a recent tussle with leukaemia, Mike moved to Hove to take the sea air and get a grip on his life, after having a few careers in technology and television. He stared designing, illustrating and drawing as a therapy and shared his work online.

Mike adopted a rescue dog named Scrabble and he posted cartoon illustrations via social media as a guide to training a Human. A publisher approached Scrabble, which resulted in the publication of a series of Mike&Scrabble illustrated books and prints.

With a deep passion for politics, Mike then proposed a book of political cartoons to his publisher, which culminated in a bestselling book about Donald Trump (Mr Trump Goes To Washington) and a comic called The Brexit, Mike’s primary source of income.

Having fallen in love with his new home city, Mike created a set of images of some of Brighton’s famous landmarks and elevated them all to the height of the tallest, the i360, culminating in his prints, The Towers of Brighton & Hove.




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