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Roger Penwill

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Roger Penwill


Qualified and practicised as an architect in London. Became full-time cartoonist in 1999.
Founder member of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation.
Member of the British Cartoonitsts Association and the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain.
General President of the international Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO) 2001-2005.
Originator and director of the annual Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival which began in 2004.
Awarded in many international cartoon competitions. Contest Jury member in Greece, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.
Published in books and magazines in the UK, USA, Europe and China.
Editorial cartoonist for The Countryman 2002-2012.
All work is fully digital. Work covers editorial cartoons, advertising cartoons, greeting cards, calendars and book illustrations.



+44 (0)1584 711480