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Tim Ruscoe


In childhood I just loved Carl Giles’ cartoon in the Daily Express, it wasn’t only the gags but the observation and realistic detail. Grandma would say a cutting remark to Vera in the sitting room, meanwhile, for no reason at all, out the window Anne’s baby twins have been stuck down a pair of tights and hung on the washing line! It’s because of this that I do like to add a lot of detail into my stuff now. After leaving Art College at 20 I joined the Royal Army Educational Corps as an illustrator, and yes I will have to kill you if I elaborate, but I can tell you I enjoyed playing football for the Ghurkhas, ‘No prisoners’!
Moving into the real world 3 years later, marketing was to be my money maker and at the age of 24 with a business partner, we opened our first studio in Covent Garden London. Cartoons, illustration and storyboards have always been part of my work pallet and helped to sell, inform and entertain everything from Aviation to Zip-up clothing. The work took me to many places and situations and they are stored at the back of my mind ready to whip-out on to a cartoon. So, that’s what I do now covering media from Advertising at one end to Internal communications at the other. From a simple black & white line drawing to an animated story with a soundtrack for anyone who likes my style. Must end my biog with, still happily married with grown up children, twins Harriet and Emily (who were never hung in a pair of tights) and Giles.



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